What Are Travel Droppings?

Travel Droppings Painted World Simply put, they are everything that comes out of traveling. They are bits and bobs which people acquire while on the road. Our motto is "Work. Travel. Explore." On this site you will find a section for each.

How can you offer your Travel Droppings?
Travelers such as yourself are invited to submit your stories or photo essays. In return we can back link to any online work you may have and we will make you part of the Travel Droppings family.

Support the cause by visiting our store which offers beautiful panoramic photography, t-shirts, buttons and more. All proceeds go right back into the website and making better content for you.


Travel Droppings: Work Travel ExploreAnd if you have a website or blog, you can link to us with our convenient logo. The best part is the logo changes every time the user loads the page. Go ahead and try it out.

Just copy this code into you blog or website and let's share the love.

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Have you worked and traveled abroad?
Travel Droppings is looking for people who have worked abroad in various capacities to answer a few questions about their experience. What was it like? How did you do it? Why?
If you have experience working or volunteering abroad we would love to hear from you.

These are our Travel Droppings. Thanks for stopping by!

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